Monday, November 20, 2017

Entitled Basketball players get "Woke"

This morning a little 5 year old boy and his mom walk up to my corner and the little boy says
"Why are you always here?" And I said "Because I'm supposed to be here, That's my job"
And his mom says to him "Now be nice"
Then the little boy says,"We're getting tired of seeing you here."
The mom looks embarrassed...
So I tell the boy "Do you know who I work for?, The Police dept. hired me for this job to keep you
The boy says very arrogantly "I knew that, I already knew that."
So I told them both as I'm holding my sign up keeping the traffic on my very busy 3 lane boulevard from running them over because the light was about to change...
"Have a Nice Day"
My question is where does a little 5 year old boy learn that kind of extremely disrespectful, arrogant, insulting talk and behavior?
That's right, he learns it at home...his parents are teaching him that completely disrespectful, lawless behavior treating someone who's there to keep the little disrespectful bad mouthed kid and his mom safe...which I believe permeates our society today, Lawlessness, disrespect for the authorities, arrogance and extreme (wrongful) Pride.
We saw this when the President of the United States used his powerful influence to set free three American College kids who pulled a stupid stunt by stealing sunglasses in Communist China, who caught them and were about to put them on trial for theft. It was the Presidents intervention that freed those ignorant and foolish kids.
And then the father of one of them says...
"“Who?” Ball told ESPN when asked about Trump’s involvement in the situation. “What was he over there for? Don’t tell me nothing. Everybody wants to make it seem like he helped me out.”
That's some gratitude for you...The President of the United States happens to be in China just when three American College Basketball Players pull an incredibly stupid stunt thinking they are in L.A. where stealing sunglasses may be no big deal...but in Communist China, you don't get a slap on the wrist, you can get a year or two or three in a Gulag doing hard labor...
The Chinese Communists don't mess around, those kids were in very serious trouble...I know as someone who performed in Beijing a few years ago, you don't pull something like theft there unless you want to be on a chain gang breaking rocks and getting bread and water for your dinner...those College athletes were in very serious trouble.
But the Father's response? Trump?, did nothing, I don't need his if the moronic dad could have gotten his kid out of a Chinese jail himself...
And as we see, the man has done such a superb job of raising his kid that he stole merchandise in a Communist foreign nation that would just as soon shoot you as look at you for theft.
The Chinese Communist Govt. is extremely authoritarian...I remember when I was performing there during the 60th anniversary of the Red Chinese Communist takeover, or what they would call "The Revolution" that supposedly set people free...except what I saw was guards surrounding Tiananmen square the night of the huge celebration that ONLY Communist party leaders and members could attend, and the entire square was surrounded by Police guards as well as military guards every TEN FEET for miles around the entire square...Their stance was clear, cross this line and we WILL shoot you...
Many of todays American teenagers and College kids are so spoiled, so indoctrinated by the feel good, do what you want when you want, entitled, snowflake mentality believing themselves so special... that when brutal reality hits them in the face, that the REAL world outside of their little safe space cocoon that coddles them like toddlers is a very DANGEROUS place...and like the Mom that has been teaching her five year old to disrespect the crossing guard trying to keep them safe from cars doing 50 miles an hour and looking on their phones not looking out for little kids, one of these days...these coddled, snowflake, bad mouthed, insulting lawless people are going to get a very...rude...awakening. And then they will be Fully uh, "Woke"
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Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Rising Spirit of Anti Christ...

I seem to get into a lot of debates with atheists online,
It's part of my calling or ministry if you will...God seems to put atheists and God haters in front of me in comments sections of articles consistently. I'm right now in a debate that's lasted for 3 days with an atheist that has called me a bevy of foul mouthed names and insulted me and my family for days now while I try to reason some sense into them and even pray for them believe it or not...
This is typical behavior of atheists I debate, extremely hateful foul mouthed name callers that spew venomous insults at anyone that believes in God...they hate us believers with a passion that just seems to increase with time... Many of them respond to my comments I think because I offend them, or more aptly, the spirit of Jesus Christ in me offends them, and my statements really seem to get under their skin...
The atheist is anti Christ or literally "against Christ"
and they carry that spirit with them. It's a spirit that hates God, and the people of God.
We saw this spirit manifest itself after the horrific church shooting last Sunday, not only by the atheist God hater that murdered 26 men women and even little children sitting in a small church,
But when believers started saying "please pray for the victims in Texas" and tons of people from Keith Olberman to no name God haters began mocking and derisively attacking those of us who do and did pray....
This anti Christ spirit has been rising in this nation for the last few years, I've been warning about it, talking about for 2-3 years now...
...and the time is coming when those who kill you will think they are doing a holy service for God.John 16:2
When we see people murdering in the name of God like radical Islamists have been doing the last few years it's fulfilling these words of Jesus Himself...He predicted and warned us that this would happen...The minds of those who kill us Christians, believers, will become so twisted in their thinking that they actually believe they are doing a good thing for society. Or, like the pathological atheist that murdered even an 18 month old in a church last Sunday without any conscience or thought about it...Pure, demonic, pathological evil...
I see the hate and absolute venom atheists (and others) have for us Christians in my online debates with them, and it's not getting better it's getting worse...they truly believe that we are the problem in society, in spite of vast evidence to the contrary...
Because it's Christians (and Jews) who build and have historically built most of the hospitals in this country, it's Christians who are the first groups after nearly every disaster like a Hurricane, or Fire, or flood that destroys a town that are helping people rebuild like Franklin Grahams Samaritans purse, or the Southern Baptist convention, or Catholic relief services, or Lutheran aid, or any number of countless aid orgs that sends hundreds or thousand of aid workers after disasters strike communities...It's Christians who have literally thousands of food banks right in their churches across the country or like the Denver Rescue mission that feed and house and give clothing to those who have hit bottom and lost everything...
Do atheists or agnostics or Satanic worshipers or practitioners of Occultic witchcraft start Homeless shelters or food banks?, do these same people build hospitals? do atheists and Satanic groups or agnostics or new age covens feed the poor or send hundreds of their members when a hurricane or flood destroys a town? Do atheists gather hundreds of their atheist groups members and send them to Africa or the poorest areas of the world to help them? I think not...
Jesus prophetically warned us that eventually, almost everyone will despise and hate those of us who follow Him and call ourselves Christians because they have rejected and hated God, and the one God sent, therefore they also reject and hate us...we are in that time right now as the nightly newscasts clearly show us...But we also have the promise God gave us, which our haters do not...

Matthew 10:22
And all nations will hate you because you are my followers. But everyone who endures to the end will be saved.
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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Obamacare and Jesus...

My own family was affected by Obamacare...

2014 started out with a bang as the new highly touted Affordable Health care Act kicked in
and everyone across the nation was wondering how it was going to affect their families.
Here's how it affected mine, or part of my family.
My son who at the time was still in College at CCU in Lakewood, Co. received a notice from the Obama govt. that his Kaiser health care plan was being taken away, that's right, taken away.

Now that might surprise those of you who never heard of folks plans just being ripped out from underneath them particularly after President Obama had stated emphatically on numerous speaking
events across the country that "If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."

Mr. Obama lied...that's right, there's really no nice way of putting it, he flat out lied.
He lied to all of us, and personally I think he knew he was lying the whole time about the ACA.
He KNEW that a large number of people were going to have their plans taken away once Obamacare
took effect.

In my own families instance my then 21 year old son's Kaiser plan was ripped away (after being lied to about that) and the reason, the explanation that was given was that his plan DID NOT INCLUDE CONTRACEPTION. Did you get that? My son's healthcare plan was stolen away by the govt. and replaced because it did not include contraception for a 21 YEAR OLD MALE COLLEGE STUDENT.

It was at that moment I found that out that I realized the so called Affordable Care Act was a load of was a scam, the ACA was a ruse.
And I began hearing from others the same story, that their plans were also ripped away and replaced
with lesser and LESS AFFORDABLE health care plans.

There are entire Facebook groups dedicated to the victims of Obamacare's lies and malfeasance.
One I still belong to is aptly named "OBAMACARE HORROR STORIES" and it's been up for almost three years now because so many people like in my son's case had their health care plans stolen away and then replaced with lesser plans that in most cases COST A LOT MORE, or at least had HUGE DEDUCTIBLES.

You may wonder why I named this blog Obamacare and Jesus...

I've had discussions and even debates with well meaning Christians who are the left wing Democrat
persuasion of Christian that TO THIS DAY are still denying that Obamacare has hurt anybody at all and in fact tell me incredulously that "That isn't possible!, the ACA has not taken away anyone's healthcare plans, and in fact millions of people gained insurance, millions now have insurance that didn't have it before!."

My response is the same to all left wing garden variety social justice preaching church goers..."Yes
the law not only took my son's healthcare away and replaced it with a very inferior plan with massive deductibles, but it's happened to MILLIONS of people" to their shock and surprise.

"No!" they tell me, "it's not possible, the ACA has helped more people than it hurt!" they tell me.

"Is that so?" I say, then why did the Sacramento Bee, the Los Angeles Times, the Denver Post and even a New York Times article detail the MILLIONS of people that lost their plans?

Why are there entire Facebook pages dedicated to the scores of people and families that LOST their healthcare plans? sometimes more than once! I've seen articles by people that lost their plans two or three times!

It's as if a lot of social justice warriors are on a different plane of existence, we're in an alternate
universe, or some kind of Star Trek episode where there's two Enterprises and two Captain Kirks and two completely opposite United States of Americas where Obamacare the compassionate and kind gave to millions of poor uninsured folks while the other Star Trek universe version of Obamacare not only took away millions of working people's insurance but replaced them with hugely inferior and more expensive plans whose premiums doubled or in some cases even tripled or QUADRUPLED.

My question for the Social Justice Warrior of the church going type is...
If you claim to be for the poor and disenfranchised and oppressed why do you still to this day insist
that the benevolent and great Affordable Care Act has not hurt anybody or in fact even destroyed LOTS of folks family budgets?

What would Jesus do indeed...

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Death of Newspapers (and other assorted Dinosaur media)

Fifteen years ago my mornings would usually start with
helping get my kids off to school and then wanting to either have a cup of java at the house or get to a cheap breakfast place so I could open up the newspaper and take in the days events and opinion pages.

Being a musician that plays evening gigs and part time band instructor as well as a church musician at that time I had  mornings off until the class I taught began.
The Rocky Mountain News was my favorite print of the day because they seemed slightly less leftist/progressive than the other daily rag the Denver Post who's editorials would make me angry enough to want to write a rebuttal, which I did on numerous occasions.

As I read the articles by NYT left wing columnists or the local Democrat opinionist who's name I can't remember I would get angry to the point that I would pen a short rebuttal and send them in to the paper who's liberal columnist had me worked up enough to sit down and write no avail.

I would send in either by email or snail mail a short answer to what I believed 
was a complete fabrication of facts or a one sided leftist diatribe not even being somewhat fair to the conservative viewpoint.

Not once did I see a rebuttal I penned get printed in either the Denver Post or the Rocky Mountain News, or previously (when I resided in California) the Los Angeles Times or Orange County Register.

I took this as either I was not a good enough writer or, the left wing Democrat bias of the editors of most large city Newspapers prevented anything from my pen worthy (in the editors minds) to grace the pages of their daily rags...

But then the world wide web happened and I began to search out websites and news sources of like minded people that matched my conservative values, beliefs, and thought processes.

"This is great!" I started thinking, because for years I would strive to get a short rebuttal or even a short article from my perspective published in the left wing controlled newspapers of my town and it NEVER happened. But now VOILA! the internet has changed the game my good and biased newspaper publishing friends, from now on our voices will be heard! Take That! I thought.

Fast forward to 2017 and I see articles about newspapers struggling to survive, many have closed up altogether. Pew research says that only two in ten people are now getting their daily news from a newspaper. Even the vaunted and very progressive newspaper of choice for Liberal Americans the New York Times has laid off a lot of people simply because those under forty years old have probably never even read a complete newspaper like I had done with my morning coffee for many years.

The Rocky Mountain News just up and disappeared one week and Denver was left with one major newspaper. So what did that one newspaper left remaining do? They swung even FURTHER to the left in their news coverage and editorials and even began publishing a complete section dedicated to the new Marijuana law in Colorado. Not exactly the kind of reporting a former Carter Democrat who repented and became a Reagan Republican wanted to read.

We're hearing a lot about Fake news today and (depending on your political leanings) the fake news can be either Fox or "Faux" News (as my left wing friends call it) or it can be the NYT, Washington Post, Huffington Post, CNN which I and many conservatives jokingly call Communist News Network or Clinton news network.

The New President who's been in office a whopping four weeks has called a lot of mainstream media
from the NYT to CNN to MSNBC fake news. While Democrats continue to say Fox news is fake news and Republican TV and Breitbart is an anti Semitic and racist alt right website. Odd... how a news website started by Andrew Breitbart a Jew can be anti Jew, but that's another blog.

Conservative news sites like Breitbart, Townhall, Gateway Pundit, Washington Times,World Net Daily, and Fox have given a huge swath of conservative readers who are highly engaged politically a voice that 20 years ago never existed. And we can rebut articles that rub us the wrong way even on certain very liberal News sites like Huffpo or Washington Post and the rebuttals show up IMMEDIATELY. Who needs a dirty smelly newspaper printed by people that don't like Republicans like myself, don't agree with my beliefs and ideas, and certainly will not publish anything I'm concerned about and they proved it.


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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Biblical allusions in the film Metropolis

Futuristic film Metropolis was made in 1927 by German film maker Fritz Lang which makes it's dystopian vision even that much more astonishing. Some reviewers believe the film alludes more to the occult than to Biblical signage but this writer believes there are just too many scenes not only depicting bible passages but biblical scenes and pictures from the story of the Tower of Babel to the woman riding the seven headed beast in the book of Revelation to dismiss a biblical based story line.

Scenes from Metropolis have been copied for decades not only in film but in music videos in recent times by artists like Freddie Mercury of Queen, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga. Beyonce is seen in a video in a metallic robotic costume almost exactly like the "Machine man" of Metropolis. It's probably no coincidence that these highly influential pop stars adored by millions world wide would copy and emulate the machine man in the film which turns into an exact evil twin of the good and saintly character Maria, but instead of leading her adoring large crowd of followers to godliness,goodness and righteousness corrupts them and leads them to debauchery, fulfillment of selfish and lustful pleasures and creates class division and anarchy.

The main character Freder is definitely a Christ like figure and is even called the "Mediator" which is straight out of the bible, "There is one God, and one mediator between God and man, the man Christ Jesus." 1 Timothy 2:5. Freder is the mediator that Maria has been telling the oppressed underground workers of Metropolis who have no hope and spend their entire lives slaving at mundane tasks is coming and will save them. Maria whom Freder sees and seems to fall in love with at first sight is a "Minister" of sorts that preaches to the slave like workers from an underground pulpit backed by numerous crosses of many sizes and the depiction of the Christian church and Christianity cannot be dismissed.

Freder while underground searching for the saintly Maria watches an explosion that blows up the main "heart machine" and he has a strange vision of the gigantic machine being fed hundreds of slaves who turn out to be the workers.
Across the screen is flashed "MOLOCH" which is again alluding to the bible in Leviticus 20:3  "And I will set my face against that man, and cut him off from among his people, because he has given of his children unto Molech, to defile my Sanctuary, and profane my holy name.

This strange vision of Moloch being fed the workers has a profound effect on Freder, who then goes to his father Joh Fredersen the designer and creator of Metropolis, and owns everything including the workers to tell him what he saw.

One last Bible passage the film flashes on the screen is from Revelation and the Whore of Babylon as the "evil" Maria rises on a seven headed beast in a nightclub where she entertains and seduces all men into corruption and selfishly fulfilling every sensual pleasure which they do. Revelation 17:3-6

The extraordinary vision of Fritz Lang can be seen in Joh Fredersen's office where we see what looks like a television or Vision screen that also serves as a two way communication device not unlike Skype today from his office to the underground. Amazing forethought considering this was 1927.