Sunday, August 2, 2015

Working Musician's Prayer Blessing

Working Musician's Prayer Blessing

May you're hauling be light
and you're show ever tight

May you're gear be the best
You're shows never stressed

May you're groove be delicious
and agents not vicious

May you're stage hands be quick
And you're screw ups not stick

You're solos divine
and you're gig food sublime

May you're travel be easy
and stage jokes be pleasing

You're stage be so spacious
And band efficacious

May you're audiences be clear full
you're ballads be tearful

You're jobs stand to last
and you're pay ever fast

May you're front man be eloquent
And song list be relevant

You're bookings be many
and jar full of twenties

May you're work stand the test
You're families be blessed

And most of all...
May The Lord be your guide
and have nothing to hide