Monday, December 19, 2011

Jesus was a socialist? Oh really...

I've been seeing this a lot lately...

"Jesus was a socialist"

Excuse my ancient education in Public schools (When they still taught history from a pro western, pro Christian and Democratic viewpoint) But, Socialism is based on a Godless, anti Democratic, man made philosophy that is not compatible with Christianity. Those who espouse it as a Christian form of Government and wrongly say that Jesus was a socialist first of all misunderstand the scriptures they quote.
Some of my well intentioned Socialist Christian friends favorite Bible passages are "Give to Caesar what is Caesars, and give to God what is Gods" Matt 22:21 and "All the believers were of one heart and mind,no one claimed any of his possessions were his own, but they shared everything they own." Acts 4:32

Socialist Christians recently are trying to force feed these (and other) scriptures in the Twittersphere to fit their wealth redistribution philosophies and agendas.
These scriptures are referring to the CHURCH firstly and not a socialist/redistribution form of government. Jesus' statement that we are to give to Caesar what is Caesars and to God what is Gods is telling us to pay our taxes to the government and give to the Church, the house of God, so that the needy do not suffer in the body of Christ, and so that we are good representatives of Christ to the government and society. Acts 4:32 is telling the CHURCH to take care of it's own so that the poor and needy do not have to go outside of the CHURCH for charity, but instead rely on the body of believers to do that.

The Socialist Gospel twists and misuses these verses into an unrecognizable notion that we are to give (by coercion) taxes on an ever increasing basis to support brilliant works of art like "Piss Christ" (who can forget that), or pay the salaries of oh so hip teachers like Former C.U. Professor Ward Churchill who said the Victims of 9/11 are "Little Eichmanns", and more recently and my personal billions of dollars of bailout TARP money to Banks that now are foreclosing on taxpayers homes that gave them the bailout tax money in the first place!

These unfortunate socialist ideas support thousands of other nonsense programs that end up hurting the poor and needy rather than helping them. How? Heres a fine about Rent control for one. The two major U.S. cities with the strongest government rent controls are New York, and San Francisco. Rent controls are supposed to help lower income renters right? But the jokes on the renters because guess where the highest rent prices are by far in the Country? that's right, New York, and San Francisco!
Socialist Christians claim to be more noble and charitable than Christians who believe that free market principles are better for everyone including the poor by misusing and twisting bible passages like the ones above to force feed a godless philosophy on men and women with free minds and free ideas.

You cannot begin with a godless man made philosophy like socialism and even begin to think that what you will end up with is an equitable and fair system. It doesn't work that way.
Jesus never intended his words to be associated with a social philosophy that always in the end oppresses the poor, strips the middle class of their freedom and prosperity, and forcibly makes people pay more and more taxes to a form of government more known for producing mass murderers in the mold of Mao Ze Dong,Joseph Stalin, Kim Jong Il, and Fidel Castro.

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