Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Obamacare and Jesus...

My own family was affected by Obamacare...

2014 started out with a bang as the new highly touted Affordable Health care Act kicked in
and everyone across the nation was wondering how it was going to affect their families.
Here's how it affected mine, or part of my family.
My son who at the time was still in College at CCU in Lakewood, Co. received a notice from the Obama govt. that his Kaiser health care plan was being taken away, that's right, taken away.

Now that might surprise those of you who never heard of folks plans just being ripped out from underneath them particularly after President Obama had stated emphatically on numerous speaking
events across the country that "If you like your health care plan, you can keep your health care plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor."

Mr. Obama lied...that's right, there's really no nice way of putting it, he flat out lied.
He lied to all of us, and personally I think he knew he was lying the whole time about the ACA.
He KNEW that a large number of people were going to have their plans taken away once Obamacare
took effect.

In my own families instance my then 21 year old son's Kaiser plan was ripped away (after being lied to about that) and the reason, the explanation that was given was that his plan DID NOT INCLUDE CONTRACEPTION. Did you get that? My son's healthcare plan was stolen away by the govt. and replaced because it did not include contraception for a 21 YEAR OLD MALE COLLEGE STUDENT.

It was at that moment I found that out that I realized the so called Affordable Care Act was a load of was a scam, the ACA was a ruse.
And I began hearing from others the same story, that their plans were also ripped away and replaced
with lesser and LESS AFFORDABLE health care plans.

There are entire Facebook groups dedicated to the victims of Obamacare's lies and malfeasance.
One I still belong to is aptly named "OBAMACARE HORROR STORIES" and it's been up for almost three years now because so many people like in my son's case had their health care plans stolen away and then replaced with lesser plans that in most cases COST A LOT MORE, or at least had HUGE DEDUCTIBLES.

You may wonder why I named this blog Obamacare and Jesus...

I've had discussions and even debates with well meaning Christians who are the left wing Democrat
persuasion of Christian that TO THIS DAY are still denying that Obamacare has hurt anybody at all and in fact tell me incredulously that "That isn't possible!, the ACA has not taken away anyone's healthcare plans, and in fact millions of people gained insurance, millions now have insurance that didn't have it before!."

My response is the same to all left wing garden variety social justice preaching church goers..."Yes
the law not only took my son's healthcare away and replaced it with a very inferior plan with massive deductibles, but it's happened to MILLIONS of people" to their shock and surprise.

"No!" they tell me, "it's not possible, the ACA has helped more people than it hurt!" they tell me.

"Is that so?" I say, then why did the Sacramento Bee, the Los Angeles Times, the Denver Post and even a New York Times article detail the MILLIONS of people that lost their plans?

Why are there entire Facebook pages dedicated to the scores of people and families that LOST their healthcare plans? sometimes more than once! I've seen articles by people that lost their plans two or three times!

It's as if a lot of social justice warriors are on a different plane of existence, we're in an alternate
universe, or some kind of Star Trek episode where there's two Enterprises and two Captain Kirks and two completely opposite United States of Americas where Obamacare the compassionate and kind gave to millions of poor uninsured folks while the other Star Trek universe version of Obamacare not only took away millions of working people's insurance but replaced them with hugely inferior and more expensive plans whose premiums doubled or in some cases even tripled or QUADRUPLED.

My question for the Social Justice Warrior of the church going type is...
If you claim to be for the poor and disenfranchised and oppressed why do you still to this day insist
that the benevolent and great Affordable Care Act has not hurt anybody or in fact even destroyed LOTS of folks family budgets?

What would Jesus do indeed...