Sunday, October 5, 2014

Left Behind Movie Review-Dave Thrush

 I saw the movie (Left Behind) this afternoon, and liked it, the people in the theater liked it, It held my attention, no, it's no Lord Of the Rings but it's not supposed to be... I went specifically because so many people (including a lot of Christians) have given this film bad reviews... ( whatever happened to think different? for all my Apple product loving friends) from what I can tell, Christian movies are now NOAH with the Bible so twisted up that it's unrecognizable and Kaballa religion taking the place of the Old Testament. I find it interesting that a ton of Christians that don't like this film but DO like movies like NOAH that perverted the bible story into a grotesque form barely recognizable, or Harry Potter for instance which may have some moral value but clearly no Christian values in fact those films pushed magic, clearly forbidden in scripture. I've seen a lot of people bashing this film but who support films that are clearly not in the least Christian at all...there's clearly an agenda that many who want this film to fail I think aren't admitting, why, is a question they have to ask themselves...I've read reviews of this film (including Christianity today) that have said things about the film makers of left behind and Nicholas Cage saying they're just doing it for the money...except Nic Cages brother is a PASTOR who prodded him into doing this film. My question for those people who accuse Nic Cage or the producers of this film what do you think the producers of NOAH and Russell Crowe were after? were they producing and acting for free? Are the producers of Harry Potter who netted Billions from those films after altruism? I have no idea if the Rapture will happen, or if so, when because as the producers of this film stated at the end "No man knows the day or the hour". But I do know from scripture itself that in the twinkling of an eye we will all be changed 1 Cor. 15:51-52, and "For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man be". Matt. 24:27

Sunday, April 6, 2014


Ok, I promised my review of "Noah" so, for those interested here goes, As I type this my 16 year old is going right now to see "Noah" with his church youth group, and I gave him the same caveats that I'm about to write here.
 First off I sat down at the late show and first prayed quietly this prayer, "Lord, give me sharp discernment, and good wisdom concerning this film, and show me the heart of the film", Aronofsky is an amazing film maker, very talented and good at his craft, Noah is a visually stunning film,
 however (here it comes) I've learned a teeny tiny bit about film making over the years from reading excerpts and stories about Lucas, Spielberg, Cameron, etc...and I know a filmmaker personally (Steve Taylor) so, in my limited knowledge of the craft, I know enough that directors and screewriters use a lot of devices in screen writing to suck people into the story, and keep them interested, like, there has to be a good guy (hero) and a protagonist (bad guy), there's a story 'arc" (sorry, couldn't resist) there has to be the element of friction, or tension and suspense, otherwise you lose the moviegoers interest, there has to be many times a heroine (or hero) as a love interest, and there has to be suspense leading up to a climax and good ending, knowing these devices that film makers use, Aronofsky is very, very good at using these tools,and is a visual master of the craft.

 But, I take issue with a couple things and they are, Aronofsky is first of all and atheist ( I researched him online), and he's also a Vegan, a Vegetarian, I don't have a problem with his Vegetarianism however, knowing this about him, his use of elements in the film portraying the very, very, bad guy, Tubal Cain (and guys) as meat eaters, and Noah, being the very good guy who says we harm no animal (even to the point of telling his son not to pick a flower) and use only what we need, is very Vegan and PC in some Hollywood crowds, but  it's not at all biblical, Aronofsky's  Pantheistic "save the planet" agenda I found preachy and over the top. In sharp contrast in the Bible we know that Jesus instructed his disciples when traveling,                                                                                                           
 "Stay in that house, eating and drinking what they give you; for the laborer is worthy of his wages. Do not keep moving from house to house. "Whatever city you enter and they receive you, eat what is set before you;"Luke 10:7

And again, the Apostle Paul says here that any type of food isperfectly ok to eat as long as it's received with gratitude and thanksgiving to the Lord...                                                                                                             
 "men who forbid marriage and advocate abstaining from foods which God has created to be gratefully shared in by those who believe and know the truth. For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected if it is received with gratitude; for it is sanctified by means of the word of God and prayer." 1 Tim. 4:4

 So, Aronofsky's skillful manipulations of images to convey his personal anti meat eating agenda is erroneous and non biblical from a Judeo Christian standpoint, a second issue I have with the film's story is that Noah towards the end of the film decides that God is telling him to kill his own grandchildren.
 The Biblical account clearly says that Noah had no intention of murdering his own grandchildren and, his son's were already married when on the Ark, not unmarried and wanting to bring their girlfriends on the boat, clearly, Director Aronofsky has no problem at all with not only taking license to change details of the story millions of people hold as sacred text, he totally obliterates what the bible says concerning Noah's family. I will say that Aronofsky's story does show Noah repenting and changing his heart as he's about to murder his grand children, and this is an emotionally very moving scene.
 Again...these are devices that film makers use to entice people into the plot and keep them there, using highly crafted images and expert story telling to do so.

 I've heard very well meaning Christians tell me that "It's just a movie, C'mon, what's the big deal?"           
 Well, I have to disagree, knowing how film makers craft these movies, but also being a dad myself, and seeing first hand how films have influenced my own children, and knowing that parents who loosely control or allow their kids to watch whatever they want with no restrictions, Movies can be a much greater influence than even their parents are, as kids today spend enormous time in front of a screen either big or small I know this to be true in my own experience as a father.
 In conclusion, my thoughts are, while the film is visually stunning and the screen writing is very good, and my emotions were moved (particularly by the great acting job of Russel Crowe in the ending scenes) parents should be aware that Aronofsky had no intention of sticking to the actual bible story (and to his credit states that himself) and plays fast and loose with what we Christians consider a sacred bible story, and as many Hollywood directors have done for decades he pushes his own anti meat eating agenda and environmentalism way too much for my taste. (Sorry had to throw that in there :)

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My meeting with Ted...

My meeting with Ted...

Sitting in the restaurant waiting for my second shift of work that day, I sat at a counter seat next to two people, one of whom was obviously mentally challenged...

As I plugged my laptop in the young man said "Hi" but I noticed he did not speak otherwise.

As I sat there going through my emails and Facebook posts, I watched and listened, I noticed the woman with the man was astonishingly patient with him..."You have to turn off your ipad and let it charge." she said. "You can't keep looking at it, why didn't you plug it in last night? she said...
He would not speak but mumble and just sort of groan.
By these "words" the lady was able to tell what he was saying, and what he wanted even though there were no words coming from his mouth...

The man would chuckle a bit, laugh and she would say "what's so funny, what's funny?"
He would just mumble or stay quiet...

She would prompt him, and say "Ok, so what's your plan? what are you going to do?" very patiently I might add...the woman had the patience of Mother Teresa for sure.
 "No, we talked about that yesterday, you can't do that." she said as he "said" something to her on his ipad,
 the man would mumble "humppff" as if disgusted by her answer...

As the man went to the bathroom, I struck up a conversation with the woman and asked who she worked for, I told her "You have an astonishing amount of patience."

She smiled and said "Yeah, I grew up with an autistic brother, so, I'm used to being patient"

I spoke and said "My son has Aspergers syndrome, very high functioning autism, and has three scholarships
at CCU in Denver, very brilliant kid."

"Wow", she said, "that's awesome..."

"So who do you work for?" I asked.

"A company that hired me to work with disabled people like him" she said...

Again I encouraged her and told her how amazingly patient she was with this man....

I looked at the Tablet type instrument the man had and asked "What is that? does he use that all the time?, can he type on that?"

"Yes" she said, "it's an ipad, it has a special program on it and he speaks through it, he can communicate with his group."

"Wow" that's pretty impressive, so he can talk through the ipad?" I said...

"Yes" she said.

Just about that time the man came back from the restroom, and the Lady said  "Tell him your name"

So the man pushed a button on his ipad and it voiced the name in an electronic voice "Ted"

"Wow amazing, that's pretty cool..." I said.

"Yeah, it's really useful"

I shook the mans hand and said "Hi Ted, nice to meet you"

Ted shook my hand and smiled and said hi and waved...

"Well, lets get going Ted", she said, "Nice meeting you"

"You too" I said, "Have a good day Ted" as he smiled at me...

And that was my meeting with Ted in the restaurant...

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Dear Lukewarm Christian...

Dear Lukewarm Christian...

You've been playing both sides against the middle for so long,
that you're not even sure which side you belong to anymore...

You've been sitting in the Grey for so long that...
the darkness enshrouds you
and you barely recognize the light you once knew so well...
You have a vague memory of it,
but it's a dreamlike reminiscence, like thick fog
on a Colorado winters morning

You've been jumping over the candlestick, back and forth, back and forth like Jumping Jack Flash for so long, that you're about to get burned.

You've been meandering in and out of the darkness in a half hearted attempt to reach it
not knowing that it's tentacles are all over you.
You have been appeasing the darkness for so long,
that you believe yourself impervious to it's pull, you are too smart for that you say, I am not tempted
by this cultures perversion.

But this worlds stench will invade your heart and mind...
like slow molasses it will creep into your heart, soul, and mind
and you will not even recognize it
because you refused to choose His holiness and righteousness

You've been afraid of offending for so long
that your lack of conviction causes your heart and mind,
to turn from their once steadfast position, into a complacent and compromised ghost
of what they once were.
Your will and steadfastness have been replaced by
doubt and a vague feeling that things are not right.

You believe yourself more intelligent and of higher education
than your predecessors before you, who were on fire and offensive to this world, but not to God.
You may even have a name for yourself
You may even be called preacher, teacher
and you may even work for a well known ministry
But, do you think because of your high learning and name
that you will not sit at the judgement and answer
for the times you would not make a stand for the most vulnerable?
for those who could not speak up for themselves?
for the most innocent and "least of these"?

Do you believe your wealth, education, and fine house
will protect you when He asks...
"Why didn't you speak up for me?, why didn't you
do what I asked?"
Where was your voice when mine was being defamed, falsely accused, and silenced?

And so, because you would not make a choice for His righteousness and holiness
you will sit in unrighteousness, and unholiness.
Because you would not choose the light
you will sit in great darkness
because you would not choose decency and goodness
you will sit in indecency and the stench of corruption
because you would not choose what is moral, good, and right
you will sit in perversion and debauchery.

Yet, there is hope for you
if you remember where you started
if you recall the days you were not afraid of His name
if you make yourself steadfast like you once were...
There is hope,
but you must choose, and not wait any longer
you cannot sit on the fence teetering...
or you will be thrown off it, not knowing which side you will land.

'I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot; I wish that you were cold or hot.'So because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of My mouth.'Because you say, "I am rich, and have become wealthy, and have need of nothing," and you do not know that you are wretched and miserable and poor and blind and naked,…Revelation 3:15-17