Monday, February 27, 2017

The Death of Newspapers (and other assorted Dinosaur media)

Fifteen years ago my mornings would usually start with
helping get my kids off to school and then wanting to either have a cup of java at the house or get to a cheap breakfast place so I could open up the newspaper and take in the days events and opinion pages.

Being a musician that plays evening gigs and part time band instructor as well as a church musician at that time I had  mornings off until the class I taught began.
The Rocky Mountain News was my favorite print of the day because they seemed slightly less leftist/progressive than the other daily rag the Denver Post who's editorials would make me angry enough to want to write a rebuttal, which I did on numerous occasions.

As I read the articles by NYT left wing columnists or the local Democrat opinionist who's name I can't remember I would get angry to the point that I would pen a short rebuttal and send them in to the paper who's liberal columnist had me worked up enough to sit down and write no avail.

I would send in either by email or snail mail a short answer to what I believed 
was a complete fabrication of facts or a one sided leftist diatribe not even being somewhat fair to the conservative viewpoint.

Not once did I see a rebuttal I penned get printed in either the Denver Post or the Rocky Mountain News, or previously (when I resided in California) the Los Angeles Times or Orange County Register.

I took this as either I was not a good enough writer or, the left wing Democrat bias of the editors of most large city Newspapers prevented anything from my pen worthy (in the editors minds) to grace the pages of their daily rags...

But then the world wide web happened and I began to search out websites and news sources of like minded people that matched my conservative values, beliefs, and thought processes.

"This is great!" I started thinking, because for years I would strive to get a short rebuttal or even a short article from my perspective published in the left wing controlled newspapers of my town and it NEVER happened. But now VOILA! the internet has changed the game my good and biased newspaper publishing friends, from now on our voices will be heard! Take That! I thought.

Fast forward to 2017 and I see articles about newspapers struggling to survive, many have closed up altogether. Pew research says that only two in ten people are now getting their daily news from a newspaper. Even the vaunted and very progressive newspaper of choice for Liberal Americans the New York Times has laid off a lot of people simply because those under forty years old have probably never even read a complete newspaper like I had done with my morning coffee for many years.

The Rocky Mountain News just up and disappeared one week and Denver was left with one major newspaper. So what did that one newspaper left remaining do? They swung even FURTHER to the left in their news coverage and editorials and even began publishing a complete section dedicated to the new Marijuana law in Colorado. Not exactly the kind of reporting a former Carter Democrat who repented and became a Reagan Republican wanted to read.

We're hearing a lot about Fake news today and (depending on your political leanings) the fake news can be either Fox or "Faux" News (as my left wing friends call it) or it can be the NYT, Washington Post, Huffington Post, CNN which I and many conservatives jokingly call Communist News Network or Clinton news network.

The New President who's been in office a whopping four weeks has called a lot of mainstream media
from the NYT to CNN to MSNBC fake news. While Democrats continue to say Fox news is fake news and Republican TV and Breitbart is an anti Semitic and racist alt right website. Odd... how a news website started by Andrew Breitbart a Jew can be anti Jew, but that's another blog.

Conservative news sites like Breitbart, Townhall, Gateway Pundit, Washington Times,World Net Daily, and Fox have given a huge swath of conservative readers who are highly engaged politically a voice that 20 years ago never existed. And we can rebut articles that rub us the wrong way even on certain very liberal News sites like Huffpo or Washington Post and the rebuttals show up IMMEDIATELY. Who needs a dirty smelly newspaper printed by people that don't like Republicans like myself, don't agree with my beliefs and ideas, and certainly will not publish anything I'm concerned about and they proved it.


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