Thursday, October 8, 2015

We Weep again...

I've been connected to two mass shootings,
Not directly connected but connected enough that they affected me more than if I had not
known anyone at the shootings.
When the two shooters entered Columbine H.S. in Littleton I was playing music every week
at a large church in Highlands Ranch, Co. just 15 minutes or so from Columbine H.S.
After the shootings I asked the music director if some of those kids went to the church and he said yes, there were some of the H.S. Students at Columbine that went to that church I was playing music at at the time.
I didm't know the students personally because the church was very large, but I felt that connection to
the shootings more than the average person I think.

The night that James Holmes took it upon himself to walk into Century 16 Theaters in Aurora
I was watching the television at home and for some reason thought my oldest son might have been at that theater. It turned out not to be true, but I was up all night, I didn't sleep at all until I spoke with my son at 8 o'clock the next morning.
A former band student of mine was in the Century 16 theater that godawful night, fortunately not
in theater 10 but adjacent to it. I was told she was alright, at least physically.

The media tells us that your chances of being killed in one of these mass shootings is extremely rare.
We're much more likely to be killed by a car accident or falling off a ladder and breaking our neck
than being murdered in one of these shootings, but I can't help but think that these kinds of mass
murders are a more recent pheonomena.
I've done some research and there were mass school murders even back 90-100 years ago, but the deadliest was carried out by bombing the school, not using a gun or guns.

I don't recall when I attended H.S. in the mid 1970's reading about mass shootings
of the Century 16 type. Maybe I'm wrong and just have a reminiscent fondness for the age of my youth, but I don't think so.
Things were more innocent when I and my classmates grew up, sure there was the occasional Charles Manson psychopathic killer let loose, but not of the number and frequency we're seeing today.
From what I read there appears to be one of these mass school, or theater, or mall mass shootings
at least 2-3 times a year.
Some experts say it's the media that makes it appear that there's more mass shootings today and the hype is
a lot higher when these things happen, maybe, but to my eyes the frequency of mass killings seems to be increasing since the 1990's.

Those on the left say that there's too many guns in America today, they say anyone can get a gun from a gun show or any dealer, and some of those people shouldn't have guns, those with a record of mental instability or a record of violent behavior should not be able to buy a gun.
Leftists say that gun controls are the answer similar to the gun laws passed in England and Australia which prohibit ANYONE from buying a gun.
Unfortunately for the left the constitution does not allow American's guns to be confisacted and banned.
While those with a history of mental illnes should not be able to buy a gun I agree somewhat with that premise, however the leftists in this country would like to ultimately see a gun ban like Australia has. I have no doubt about that.
The President came out and pretty much said this after the Umpquah College shootings the very day
of the mass murders.
The President wasted no time making the tragedy a political pulpit for gun control, and some of the families in Oregon who's relatives were shot very much resent this obvious political move by the President.
One of the fathers of a young student shot has even told the President don't come here and make
us listen to to your political opportunist speech about gun control on the tragedy we've suffered.
They don't want him there at all...

Those on the right say it's a mental health issue, they believe that there's too many people walking around with serious mental health issues that want to take their anger dissapointment and rage out
on a lot of innocent people.
Presidential candidate Ben Carson said we need to start thinking about putting armed security guards
in schools and the reason is because conservatives believe that "Gun Free Zones" kill people.
I happen to be one of those conservatives.
When I look at Columbine, Century 16, Newtown, Virginia Tech, and several other mass shootings they all have one thing in common.
They were gun free zones, no one could bring a concealed carry weapon in those places.
I believe (as do most conservatives) that gun free zones are picked by insane mass killers
because they know for sure they have a target rich area where there will be absolutely no
resistance. I consider gun free zones a designated area for killers to pick off innocents like sitting ducks in a shooting gallery.
These killers know for certain there will be no one to fire back at them for several minutes if not longer and they can do their demonic damage for quite awhile before police will arrive.

 As a Christian I believe there is something causing these mass shootings that has nothing to do with whether guns are available or not, or whether the killers needed mental health help and didn't get it.
I believe as a Christian that there is a lack of respect for human life that our nation has accepted
and even condones now.
 Samuel L. Jackson said this in a Los Angeles Times article a few years ago...

"I don't think it's about more gun control...I grew up in the south with guns everywhere and we never shot anyone, it's about a lack of respect for human life."

I think Samuel L. Jackson is absolutely dead on correct in that statement.
We now throw away life in this country, life is cheap, and in fact sometimes the lives of tiny humans
can even make a huge corporation a lot of money by selling the baby parts, as the Planned Parenthood
videos we saw last summer make clear (yes, I've watched all of them)
I would encourage everyone to take a look at those videos where a Planned Parenthood head says "I need a new Lamborghini"

Former Governor Dick Lamm of my state of Colorado said famously years ago "The old have a duty to die" And so we see that even politicians are claiming that life is cheap, if you're old and can't work anymore you have a duty to off yourself, that's what Lamm is saying.
The problem I have with Dick Lamm's words is that he is now old, so, according to his own words
he should get rid of himself. But I doubt that will happen, because people like Lamm don't mean their words for themselves they mean them for everyone else BUT themselves.

But those like Dick Lamm have gained a lot of traction in America the last 40 years, life is cheap, and our leaders even come right out and say so.
So, the next time we see a mass shooting in a school, theater, or mall (which we will) just remember the words of Dick Lamm..."We have a duty to die"

I'm the Sax Player...

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