Monday, October 14, 2013

There once was a Prince in the West

There once was a Prince in the West
Who’s thoughts he held close to the vest
The petulant King
Allah on his ring
All enemies scourged was his quest

Place Czars through the realm at my feet!
Told NASA you will not compete!
His head held in pride
His queen by his side
Vindictive was she quite complete

The prince’s new plan was quite vile
Declare hope and change with a smile
His enemies were beat
So friends have their meat
And blame it on Tea Rank and File

When lie becomes truth the king teaches
The sheeple are fooled by his speeches
falsehoods he did spread
Like buttering bread
Which pleased all his cohorts and leeches

You can Keep your own plan we were told
But Truth was plain seen by the bold
The Prince he did lie
Our plans went goodbye
And health prices went up four fold

Ma’m  Secretary’s  Mandate enacted
The unjust law not retracted
The faithful did protest
Without strife or unrest
Foul law they had surely impacted

New energy was the hailed charge
With Windmills, and gas lines to sparge
But panels did break
Solyndra was fake
Poor taxpayers bill grew quite large

Then came guns fast and furious
The plan was a bust and quite spurious
The press they did lie
Good men they did die
And others were wounded injurious

Now came debate called Gay Marriage
Good men lacked the wisdom or courage
So sheep went to sleep
Without a soft peep
And morals went into cold storage

Yet, was the NSA spying
Our cellphones were tapped without trying
Men looked at our inbox
Without any roadblocks
Made Watergate look like tots lying

A YouTube Video was blamed
For murderous acts not explained
The story is leaving
The Families left grieving
The lie has been deftly ingrained.

Don’t tread on me! flags went to fly
And Occupy streets! was the cry
But men start to whimper
Like Sheep with distemper
And visions go south bye and bye

The second act plan was called forward
But sideways we skewed back and toward
Good men went a hiding
Truth wasn’t abiding
So logic and peace went disordered

 Now here we are down on our knees
Just fighting off taxes and fees
High Finance doth  dance
While workers per chance
Are hoping to work not for free

So let the young lads start to see
While old men look back as years flee
Will good men regain
And Lasses sustain
The land of the brave and the free?

D.J. Thrush 2013

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