Saturday, February 9, 2013

Where was God at Aurora Century 16?

My son and I at Aurora Century 16 in 2011
I took my kids to around 40 films at the Aurora Century 16...

My boys and I watched Star Wars films, Shrek, Ice Age, and any number of movies just like any other parent in America. That's why I had to come back here 7 months after the terrible night in July when an orange haired psychopath took it upon himself to enter in what should have been an enjoyable time for mostly teens and young people...
 I taught a young band student a few years ago who happened to be in that Theater last July, and, thankfully, was not hurt, at least physically.

And so, like so many in the Denver area I have a personal connection with Aurora Century 16. I have memories with my two boys there, that, are now tainted, not quite the same. I 'm not sure I'm ready to go back in that theater yet. even with all of the beautiful facelift and remodeling. Just not quite ready...

 I cannot imagine the horror of that night, and I hope I never have to, but particularly I pray to God my kids never have to live through a nightmare like that awful night....and I'm very concerned for my two boys who will be here when I'm gone that they may live in a much more violent, aggressive, and dangerous society.
Newly remodeled Cinemark Century Theater

I just read an article on CNN about the increase of atheists in America...apparently, those without faith are increasing in our land of the free and home of the brave. The CNN article had a video by a blogger/writer who is very vocal about his atheism to the point that he was sounding off in a homemade video about the more recent Sandy Hook shootings, railing against an evangelical Christian on another video stating that "We've taken God out of our schools, we cannot mention his name there, or pray to him publicly. How can we expect him to be there if we have dis-invited Him?"
The young atheists response was " How can an all powerful Deity, a God that is everywhere and all powerful not be there if we dis-invite him? What kind of a God is this?"

I actually relate to this young atheists question, to a point... however what this intelligent but misguided young man, like so many, young and old today don't take into consideration is that God gives all of us free all powerful God gives men, women, teens, good and bad, rich and poor, white, black, brown, yellow and red, free will because he doesn't want automatons, He doesn't create robots without free choice...that is an act of a truly loving God, not an act of a controlling angry deity that so many like to think He is.

God, (and I believe an all powerful God) gives us free will because He cares for us. Much like a parent that allows their teenage son or daughter more freedom, more choice, more autonomy to choose what they want to do as they mature instead of telling them what they may or may not do for every situation that comes up, God allows us to freely choose our actions, our deeds, and that means we suffer the consequences, or gain the benefits of those choices.

Many, many have asked, "How can a loving God allow the evil that took place in the Aurora theater that night?, where...was God that night?

And the answer is the same, we have been given free will to do evil...or good.

As I walked around the newly remodeled Century (now Cinemark) theater, I sensed something I've felt before...a feeling of reverence, as if I was walking into a five hundred year old Church in Europe. I sensed a quiet, holy presence as if angels were standing over this theater. The other place I feel this same reverential, holy presence is at Columbine H.S., whenever I drive by there near Clement park.

It's almost as if God places angels over these sites of terrible tragedy and sadness to remind his people that He is with us always. As the Lord Himself said in the scriptures... "And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age"

And we can indeed be encouraged by that.

Remember, I'm just the Sax Player...

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