Friday, December 7, 2012

True Earthlings Vs. Decepticons

 In recent years, some of us earthlings have been engaging and battling the most dangerous Alien of all...the Decepticon. The Decepticon appears, acts, and even talks like a real, true Earthling.

The Decepticon Alien infiltrates and invades the habitat, environment, workplace, and even the Temple of the true earthling with the desire of taking over and ruling the environment of the true earthling. He ( or She) may even think he is a true earthling himself but most Decepticons know deep within their alien inner beings they are not a true earthling.

 Decepticons are identified by extreme patience on the part of true earthlings and by not only listening to what the Decepticon says, but watching very closely their deeds and personal actions which are almost always the opposite of each other. The reason this is so is because the inner being or "heart" of the Decpticon has not been changed although they will appear exactly as all other true earthlings. Another way the earthling can see the Decepticon is they are also not very fond of "Life" as the Master Visionary sees life which is "All Human and Alien life is sacred, even those not deemed fit or worthy" and the Decepticon views True earthling Freedom as an unnecessary evil in the way of A "Good, Equal, and orderly Society"

 The Decepticon is usually a very friendly, well mannered, well dressed, likable, usually highly educated and accomplished being who talks about "peace" and an orderly society often, but not the kind of peace that true earthlings possess in their inner beings, but the peace Decepticons speak of is a community peace or even a National or "World" Peace.

 Unfortunately the kind of peace the Decepticon highly desires is always at the expense of those the Decepticon deems less worthy or "unfit" and whole galaxies of true earthlings have been wiped out or made slaves and servants of the Decepticons.We know this from the history annals of the Galaxies although the Decepticons have tried to suppress these stories.

Many Decepticons have been very successful in recent galactic time frames of infiltrating and even ousting true earthlings from whole habitats and Temples of earthlings because they have become so weakened from complacency, apathy, and the desire for otherworldly comforts which dulls the earthlings radar and senses capable of detecting Decepticons.

The true earthling recognizes and detects the Decepticons because they are constantly in touch with, and know very well the Master Visionary, the Master Visionary who made all of the earthlings, the Earth itself, the Alien Planets and all alien and earth like life forms in the Galaxies.

The earthlings not capable of detecting the Decepticons fall prey to their Field or "Aura" of deception, are easily led, are not close enough to the Master Visionary and thus cannot tell the difference between a true earthling and a Decepticon, to the Weak earthling's unfortunate final deception.

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  1. Dave, did you ever get my email. It was an apology for getting blatant on FB. Anyway, I have a lot of respect for you, even if we live poltically on opposite sides. Take care, Rocky