Thursday, February 3, 2011

Waiting on God (or not)

Today as I was walking the Dogs (No I wasn't listening to Rufus Thomas, but I wish I were) I started thinking a lot about waiting on God.
Some people might think that's kind of strange to wait on God, but in the Christian world which I've been a part of now for some 24 years, you hear quite a lot about waiting on God.
Some of my friends might say something like "Why wait on God? You just move."
While I agree that sometimes sounds good, but as I've "matured" (geez I hate that word) I've been seeing more and more the wisdom of waiting on God. (Wisdom is a word Boomers use as a way of staying hip and relevant.)

I've been pretty impulsive at many times in my life, moving quickly, making decisions too impulsively without just waiting to see how the Lord may work things out, so instead I've taken things into my own hands usually with results that look like a blender that's lost it's lid and the chocolate smoothie splatters like a bad horror movie's fake blood.

Now, this isn't to say that sometimes God doesen't move quickly, and many times He's moved on by me like a Bullet train on a Japanese express route.
There are examples in history where I think God was waiting for a generation of believers to see his will and they just ignored it so He moved with or without them.

Typically though, it seems like God moves more slowly waiting for us to get in line with his will knowing that it takes a sledge hammer to get our attention.
I've heard from a number of more "Mature" (There it is again) Christian brothers and sisters over the years talk about waiting on the Lord and for good reason I think.
I'm coming around more and more to the viewpoint that not waiting on God and moving impetuously causes a lot of the strife in modern relationships. Marriages break up because of it, friends lose friends because of the friction caused by one person trying to wait on the Lord's direction and the other wants to just "move" quickly.

There are examples of this in the Bible most famously told in the story of Sarah and Abraham. You see, lying to Pharoah about Sarah being his sister rather than Abrahams wife I'm sure caused complications with the Egyptians and amongst themselves because God won't honor even a small sin like a lie (not that this was small).

Again we see it later when Sarah convinces Abraham to have relations with another woman (Hagar) in order to have a child which they do. Haha, can you imagine that conversation? "Honey I want you to sleep with another younger woman so we can have a baby. Nah, I don't think so... O.K. when do I start this gig?"). Imagine the arguments in that household! Oy Vey!. Luckily for Abraham, Sarah, and their later child Isaac, God worked the whole mess out.
I guess what I'm conveying here is that most strife in marriages or relationships are probably caused by one partner or the other taking things into their own hands, and not waiting on the Lord to do HIS will rather than our own. How do I know this? are you kidding me? experience pal, lot's of experience.

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