Saturday, October 9, 2010

A "Tune poem" for Blue Like Jazz

Holy "Meltdown!" "Clone" man! "Blue Like Jazz" the Movie was "On the Fritz" and we were thinking "It's Harder to believe than not to" but "I predict" the movie will not fail due to fans saying "Over my dead body" and "You Don't owe me nothing" but it's a "Written Guarantee" they will get cool freebies anyway.

The Director and friends were getting a "Bad Rap" and I'm sure he was thinking "Am I in Sync?" as the months and years went by. We were warming up to sing "Since I gave up hope I feel a lot Better" and wondering if "Jesus is for Losers", but thanks to the many fans of "Blue Like Jazz the Movie" has been given a "Second Chance" and the "Finish Line" is in sight!

However "I just wanna know" "If it all comes true" and there's a "Cash Cow" in hand that we don't get "Smug" just yet, 'cause the last thing we want is to be "Guilty by Association" to a mediocre movie or we'll be comitting "Murder in the Big House" in a rage of "Violent Blue" and spinning records at "This Disco" instead of playing "Blue Like Jazz the Sequel", a "Million Miles in a Thousand Years". But I'm confident this will not be our fate, and I'll even swear on "Jim Morrison's Grave" that this will be an amazing life changing film because everyone involved is a "Principled Man" and "It's a personal thing" to all of us!

Remember...I'm just the Sax Player. Copyright, 2010


  1. Dave, you have a way with words, It sound's like "Sweet Victory", and it looks like we are "One Step Closer", this proves that if we "Talk To One Another", "One Thing Leads To Another". "More Power To You" I say! and "Sing Your Praise To The Lord", our friend Steve is past the "Witch Hunt"! All my best and support -Ethan Tudor W.